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Do you think you may have Low T levels?

Optimal T Center will help you today!

As many as 13 million American men may have Low Testosterone (Low T).


1 out of 4 men over 30 have low testosterone levels, but ONLY 1 out of every 20 men have clinical symptoms.


That's why it is important to get your levels checked.

Testosterone therapy is not only a treatment, but can also be a preventative to avoid future health problems. 

Our Mission

To be the premier men's Low T treatment center in Katy and Houston, enhancing the lives  and thereby the overall health and well-being of men.

We offer affordable, personally tailored treatment specific to each client's needs. Our approach is comprehensive; we diagnose and treat with a single purpose in mind: to promote a happier and healthier life for each of our clients.

The most Trusted and Affordable option for Men seeking the benefits of Testosterone, and other forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy.
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About Us:

We are a Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic, specializing in Testosterone Therapy, Low T treatments.

We use blood screenings to test Adult Male Testosterone level, PSA, and CBC. The blood screening results give our Medical Staff the information needed to develop a personalized Therapy Treatment for each individual specifically to meet their needs.

We not only treat the numbers, we treat the symptoms.

Our experienced medical staff will give each individual the personal care and information they require to feel comfortable with each and every visit.

Our Licensed Medical Staff has over 15 years of experience helping patients.

Being that we specialize in Testosterone Therapy you will receive quick services personalized to meet your needs that you won't find at a general doctor's office.

Feeling fatigued and irritable, experiencing difficulty building muscle  and losing belly fat, noticing a decrease in your libido or simply burdened by the lingering sensation of a life that is sluggish and monotonous?


If you've been experiencing symptoms of Low T then Optimal T Center is just what you've been looking for.


We've organized Optimal T Center to fit your busy schedule and unique needs:


    ·Conveniently Located

    ·No Insurance Hassles / Requirements

    ·Affordable Personalized Care Plans 

If you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy, Optimal T Center can get you started on your first visit. Like any medical condition there is no one-size-fits-all solution, each patient's treatment is tailored by their physician to meet their specific situation.


So if you're experiencing symptoms of Low T and are searching for low testosterone treatments in Katy and Houston, or you want to find out more about your current condition, stop in and visit our office today. After the first visit (where we run initial tests), your subsequent visits take no more than a few minutes each.




Testosterone Test and Assesment



  • Low Testosterone Therapy (Low T)

  • Vitamin Weight Loss Injections

    • B12

    • Lipo B

    • Slim Shot

    • Super Slim Shot

    • Megatrim

  • Performance Enhancing Injections

    • G.O.A.L.


    • Vitamin D

  • Weight Loss

    • Phentermine Prescriptions

  • Growth Hormone Peptide

  • CJC 1295 - Ipamorelin

It's Time to Do Something About it

Stop by and get your levels checked today.


We can help you restore the energy you used to have, Increase your drive or libido. Control those extra pounds you've been gaining. Stop by our office today to gain peace of mind and youthful vigor.

464 Park Grove Dr  

Ste A

Katy, TX 77450

Phone: 832-321-5402

Optimal T Center

464 Park Grove Dr  Ste A

Katy TX 77450

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